• Specks of Dust is about an advanced civilization of aliens called “Specks” who travel around the cosmos in search of enlightenment.

  • Unfortunately, Specks are so small that they can’t directly communicate with most other intelligent life.

  • Instead, they utilize sophisticated technology to scan copies of things into a vast collection of the universe.

  • Specks spend their time living inside of a simulation, where they interact with their bootleg collection.

  • Specks of Dust aims to fill a void in pop culture by bringing together comic readers, collectors, and web3 enthusiasts of all ages and backgrounds. The project initially started by building a community through NFTs, and the subsequent phases will focus on developing visual narratives and creating a unique brand. By taking this approach, we aim to revolutionize the way independent comics are introduced to the world and empower fans.


    Scott Carr is an artist and designer based in New York. His work has appeared in The New Yorker, Vice and Smoke Signal. One time, he slipped on a banana peel while walking on the sidewalk. These days, he walks around much more cautiously. Superrare | Twitter


    When Superior Drip isn't managing the Specks of Dust community channels, he spends a great deal of time motorcycling, brainstorming new tattoos, and surfing Wikipedia for weird historic events. He lives in New Jersey in a house he wishes was haunted. Twitter


    Sprite Mountain is a New England-based writer. He's had work featured in various literary journals and has published three books of fiction. Sprite's hobbies include crocheting, skateboarding, and raking leaves. Twitter